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At Friesian Farms we strive to maintain the highest quality dairy products through every single step of the process. Experienced local farmers look after the original Friesian cows and help in the production of fresh milk. The milk is then taken directly to the production facilities to be analyzed by laboratories ensuring the entire metric of healthy results is met. The production line is not only compatible with the industry's highest hygiene standards, but also designed with latest technology assisting with the production of your dairy products while efficiently maintaining all the health aspects that you expect to be used in your foods.

Our team of experts overlooks the full process of production. Starting from the local farmers on the hills of Netherland, through the production team which includes nutritionists who monitor every phase of the milk production process, ending with seeing over the delivery of high standards milk to you and your family.

The Friesian fresh milk is sent to laboratories equipped with the latest technology and machinery to ensure the highest standards of dairy products.






• Delivering nurturing dairy products to healthy people
• Embrace nature's gifts to the human kind
• Commitment to high standards in the field of food and people safety, quality, sustainability and transparency throughout the entire production chain


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